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The Illinois Fire Sprinkler Coalition helps increase awareness about the home fire problem in Illinois and encourages the use of fire sprinklers to save lives and prevent injuries to both residents and firefighters alike.

Demand is Up, Costs are Down

Increased demand, cheaper materials and trade-ups are reducing the cost of home fire sprinklers. It’s more than a trend; it’s become a fact of life in fire protection and new home construction.

A 2013 report by the Fire Protection Research Foundation found the average cost per sprinklered square foot was $1.35, a sharp decline from the $1.61 average cost per sprinklered square foot in 2008.

Your Commitment + Our Toolkit = Safety

When you commit to joining NFPA’s Fire Sprinkler Initiative, you’ll have access to a free toolkit filled with information to make a compelling case for home fire sprinklers. The toolkit includes an eye-catching info-graphic, PowerPoint presentation underscoring the fire concerns of modern homes, a video humanizing the aftermath of home fires, fact sheets, and more.

NFPA’s Fire Sprinkler Initiative also offers the following useful tools:

  • Newsletter Get the latest sprinkler news delivered to your inbox by signing up for this free publication
  • Free Downloads These materials can help you promote sprinklers in your community
  • Bringing Safety Home Grant Safety advocates receive up to $10,000 to promote home fire sprinklers
  • Faces of Fire Hear the many stories of people impacted by fire • Home fire sprinkler quiz Test your knowledge on this important safety device
  • Fact sheets Underscore the home fire problem and effectiveness of sprinklers with these materials
  • Videos Watch an informative webinar or a fire sprinkler demonstration
  • Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Obtain free educational tools that give a convincing case for sprinkler installation
  • Fire concerns with modern homes Learn why modern building materials and upholstered furniture are a fire concern
  • Case studies Showcase the effectiveness of home fire sprinklers by using these tips and anecdotes
  • Home Fire Sprinkler Summit Learn how this NFPA event is bringing together sprinkler advocates for a worthwhile cause
  • Bringing Safety Home Award Learn how others are effectively spreading the sprinkler message in their communities
  • For builders In the business of building homes? Looking to convince homebuilders that sprinklers make sense?
  • For legislators and code-adopting bodies Learn the myths about fire sprinklers and how to champion for them in your community
ISO Insurance Services Office Considerations:
  • ISO deducts 5 points off of your building code grading schedule if you delete fire sprinklers from the model code.
  •  ISO affects the reimbursement your residents receive who live in a flood plain if the model code is weakened by removing code sections and thus they will receive less than 100 percent reimbursement from the National Flood Plain Program.

fire sprinkler initiative

The Fire Sprinkler Initiative is an advocacy campaign launched in 2009 by the National Fire Protection Association when fire service officials and other sprinkler advocates recognized a need to increase the number of new one- and two-family homes protected by sprinklers.

Did You Know?


Joining the Fire Sprinkler Initiative gives you access to the benchmark study by the Fire Protection Research Foundation, which provides a better understanding of how adoption of sprinkler ordinances impact system costs. Other research and resources include:

  • Fire Behavior Review the latest reports on how fire interacts with today’s homebuilding materials
  • Fire Loss and Injuries Learn the latest statistics on the damaging impact of fire on lives and property
  • Sprinkler Performance and Benefits Discover how sprinkler ordinances can reduce home fire deaths and positively impact a community’s housing market
  • Water Usage Learn about water consumption in sprinklered homes and how sprinkler installation impacts water supply systems
  • Environmental Impact of Fire Sprinklers The findings of a groundbreaking study show that greenhouse gases released by burning buildings can be reduced by 98% when automatic fire sprinklers are installed