About the Illinois Fire Sprinkler Coalition

The purpose of the Illinois Fire Sprinkler Coalition is to increase awareness about the residential fire problem in Illinois and to encourage the use of residential fire sprinkler systems to save lives and prevent injuries for both residents and firefighters alike.

The Illinois Fire Sprinkler Coalition was founded by the following members of the Illinois Fire Services Association:



Craig Adams
Tony Breuscher
Rodney Buckley
Terry Campbell
Ellen Dimock
Dan Finnegan
David Godek
Brian Harbison

Bill Harvey
David Harvey
Lynn Harvey
Clyde Heineman
Joshua Hucker
Joey Jeraminas
Brian Johnstone
Martin Joyce

Gary Kostal
Ernest Link
Trudy Maatta
Dean Maggos
Robert Martin
Mike McNally
Randy Roxson
Michael Schmitt

Matt Sekosky
Craig Solick
Terry Till
Mike Toika
Deane Walker
James Weides
Joseph Welter
Robert Wetzel
Mike Wheeler